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La experiencia propia como base de la teoria y la hipótesis 1 de Bloom

Continuación del diálogo en Facebock Incluyo la intervención anterior de Downes por su interés para seguir el hilo de la charla: Stephen Downes   Yes I am influenced by my personal experiences. But that's a strength, not a weakness. I know that the rest of the world is not like me, and I don't prescribe my own experiences to everyone. But I don't prescribe carefully managed and paced learning fo r everyone either. When I appeal to my own personal experiences, I also appeal to the reader, and ask, in *your* personal experience, would you be comfortable learning like *that*? My method is to draw from my experiences, but to appeal to your experiences. In so doing, I don't treat the student generally as someone who must be prescribed to, but rather, as someone who must be implicated in his or her own learning. Ayer a las 12:49  ·  Ya no me gusta  ·  4 (...) John Mak   I wish to check if I have understood your challenging questions

La visión de los MOOCs ¿está condicionada por la propia experiencia de los autores como alumnos?

En el blog de John Mak  el autor nos cita un párrafo de Stephen Downes Stephen shares his   advice  to teachers on online learning where he says: “When I attended university, for example, I attended some very large classes. I never conversed with my instructor at all. I even had difficulty communicating with the teaching assistant. I was very much on my own. Most online learning offers a greater level of interaction than this.” Para a continuación él mismo decir en un tono más moderado, quizá tambien por el salto generacional y del entorno cultural propio de John: Most of the classes I attended were of small class, with at most 30 students, though there were a few mass lectures of more than 90.  We didn’t have teaching assistant for the instructors, and so I wasn’t alone in my learning in class.  I learnt with a small group of around 5-6 students on some occasions in the undergraduate  programs, but then I learnt mostly alone in the postgraduate courses.  That wasn’t surpr